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To your special garden space

Multi-functional garden space
HOMENNA produces high-quality multifunctional garden rooms - freely configurable, very durable and suitable for all weather conditions.
A1 5.4m2
A2 8.6m2
A3 11.75m2
Garden office
Garden office
Relax room
Garden room
Garden gym
Garden gym
Guest room
Tiny house / guest house
Whether you need a studio, office or gym, all of our garden buildings can be fully customised to the size and style that suits you.





What's included?

Solid iron framework

Wood or metal finish

Glazed doors & windows

Insulated structural panels

Zinc coated rainwater system

Optional underfloor heating

A/C & heating unit

LED ceiling lighting

Extra configuration options

Manufactured & assembled in Latvia

Delivered internationally

Latvian born, we are naturally inspired to create durable, highly functional and energy-efficient buildings suitable for all weather conditions.
HOMENNA is recognized internationally for our innovative approach which embraces modern design and employs cutting-edge materials and technologies, while still adhering to sustainable practices and design standards.
Our mission is to produce thoughtfully designed structures that complement and enhance our customer’s dream lifestyle.

Order process

Get your multi-purpose garden studio in 3 easy steps


Customize your garden studio

Use our online configurator to customize your garden studio to your personal needs and liking.


Assembly & delivery

By precise planning & modern off-site manufacturing process, we are able to deliver finished project on average within 6-8 weeks.


Receive your HOMENNA!

Your new garden studio will arrive by truck and will be installed and ready for use in less than 24 hours!